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Today, the bulk searches are performed through mobile devices. People all over the world are accessing the Internet via their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to perform searches. This shift in trend from desktop searches to mobile searches has given the world of SEO new goals and subsequently new challenges.

Mobile Internet Usage Exceeds Desktop

This is the primary reason why Mobile website SEO has earned top priority in the world of Digital Marketing. The magnanimous rise in the pool of smartphone users has occupied more than half of the total consumer traffic that comes online. This is because people have accepted the ease of living and are using mobile internet connection instead of broadband. Thus, satisfying the mobile users has become the priority of search engines.

After conducting multiple surveys, Google an Bing have included mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in mobile search. Your site will, therefore, rank differently on desktop search and differently on mobile search. In fact, the mobile version of your site (which is responsive) will be considered for mobile rankings and not your desktop version. But this does not change the fact that your potential clients come online and must be chased for conversion at the source itself.

Variety Of Mobile Searches Take Place Every Day

The bulk searches not only include gathering crucial information on any subject or planning purchases on the web, it also includes finding directions to local places, sharing instant reviews, finding answers to FAQs, etc. The entire world is just a tap away from your mobile devices. As doctors of search engines, SEO experts have predicted that your site's mobile ranking depends on how your website treats the visitors.

With an unparalleled mobile revolution going around the world, the variety of searches is increasing every day. You are yourself keeping away from the probability of being found if you are not ranking on the mobile first index of Google. You are not building strong relationships with your customers if you are not reaching out to them on their most loved devices. You are actually not welcoming the potentially high-converting mobile visitors to your website.

Right Mobile Configuration

The key to the right mobile configuration is providing a good user experience. You need to choose the best way to set up your mobile website in order to prevent the huge loss in smartphone traffic. Once it is set up, you need to revise the kind of content you are presenting on your site and take care of its maintenance from time to time.

Here are three alternative approaches, from which you can choose one, to have the right mobile configuration for your site.

  1. Responsive Design
  2. You can choose to serve the same content and URLs across all devices by just altering the layout and formatting. The main purpose of responsive web design is fitting everything as per user's screen size. Google prefers this mobile configuration and it is comparatively very easy to maintain. The only drawback is slow page speed, which can be optimized by compressing the content that is getting uploaded.

  3. Dynamic Serving
  4. You can use the same page URLs with different content based on the type of device from which the URL is getting opened. It has the single advantage of removing pieces of content that are heavy to load from the mobile opened URL view to keep the page loading speed as fast as possible. You need to make sure you provide 'vary response' in the header so that your site doesn't get misunderstood by the search engines.

  5. Separate Mobile Site
  6. You can pick to run two separate websites with different URLs and different HTML content on each. The maintenance cost in this case doubles and there is a risk of having duplicated content appearance to search engines. Your SEO efforts also double as you have to get your site ranked on mobile and desktop separately.

Ultimate Goal Of Mobile Website SEO

The single most important factor for the success of Mobile SEO is user satisfaction. Once your site has the right mobile configuration, and once it gets ranked on the first page of mobile SERPs, it must fetch continuous traffic to maintain itself in the mobile index. This traffic is dependent on the user satisfaction that the site provides.

Every site opened on mobile devices needs to have good navigation, relevant and fast loading content, call to action buttons etc. to help users understand and operate easily. Often, when users become accustomed or friendly to the websites' interface, they make direct searches to the site without going to search engines. That is what mobile SEO aims to achieve.

Benefits of Mobile SEO Services

  • Expansion of business reach by improved brand visibility over the web.
  • Quick conversations with customers over instant messaging.
  • Greater conversions by providing easy user interface and experience.
  • Having a competitive advantage over the competitors who are unknown to this.
  • Spending less money on advertising by fetching constant organic traffic.
  • Serving customers even when they are traveling or not sitting at their desktop.

With a complete understanding of all these advantages of Mobile SEO, you must not wait a single minute to get your dream venture to the mobile search result pages. It isn't the prime requisite and a critical actor for everyone providing product or services. From startups to businesses, everyone is now running after Mobile SEO Optimisation.

Mobile SEO Services

As said above, the world of SEO has a lot of unpredictability and challenges. It would be totally unwise to do it by yourself because you might not be aware of all the changes that are taking place. It is advisable to hire a company that provides mobile SEO services so that you get the best results in less amount of time.

Your site gets optimized to be found in mobile searches. Various improvements such as mobile user experience (UX) and page-load speed are done to match the requirements of the mobile-first index. The SEO mobile services are well versed to do all the improvements.

Outsource Mobile SEO to India

In a recent survey, more than 80% website owners in the US and European Union listed Indian Digital marketing companies as the best outsourcing partner for mobile SEO service provider companies. There is a subtle hint lying in it for you. You cannot take a risk by hiring an in-house person to handle the mobile SEO needs of your website.

Indian Firms like Media Search Group can be the best outsourcing partner for you. They can help you show up in mobile searches and establish a strong online presence. The outsourcing SEO services in India are fruitful because you have an experienced team working for you with guaranteed results.

Highlights of MSG Mobile SEO

Every website or precisely business has specific objectives and based on these objectives, the mobile SEO efforts are designed. We, at Media Search Group, understand your business goals first and then prepare the strategy for getting you up in mobile search results. The story is completely different for mobile vs. tablet vs. desktop users. We make your story on mobile devices reach the masses by beating all competition.

As a leading mobile website SEO partner, we offer customized and specialized assistance. The features of our mobile SEO efforts are:

  • Custom Mobile SEO Services based on your business needs
  • Special campaigns for both established businesses as well as startups
  • Focused SEO strategies helping you stay at the top of mobile search engine rankings
  • Mobile-friendly site development services for better compatibility of mobile indexing
  • Mobile-friendly content development for higher conversions
  • Complete information protection of campaigns and results
  • Time to time reporting and discussions about the future prospects
  • Monitoring of mobile SEO performance and updates

Our Deliverables

The Mobile SEO optimization team at Media Search Group is well aware of the fact that somebody needs to look after the SEO work round the clock so as to ensure correct working. We know what your website means to you and so we deliver more than what we promise. We are always result oriented, considering your business needs as ours.

We offer affordable SEO packages so that each and every business can benefit from it. We want everyone to make the most out of their online presence by increasing their mobile traffic by almost 50%. Our help in the form of strategies and bits of advice, coming straight from the best mobile website SEO company in India will certainly give your business a boost.

Start Working With Us

Mobile SEO rankings were never so much in reach. It's up to you to decide if or not you want to reach out to us so that we make you reach to your potential customers. If it has been a long since when you were searching for it, Media Search Group has put an end to your search.

We are just a call or message away. You just need to click our contact us page and we will take care of your needs. We love not to brag but we never fail to deliver results. Give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website for queries that people make using their mobile or handheld devices. This type of search engine optimization allows websites to rank for their chosen keywords when a mobile search is done. In this day, with more people using mobiles and handheld devices to look for products, information and services on the go, it is imperative for businesses to have a mobile-friendly website. Mobile SEO makes use of on-page optimization techniques to improve a site’s ranking in mobile searches. Mobile SEO necessarily requires a website design that is responsive. At the same time, it focuses on reducing image size so that it fits the screen size of the mobile device. It also ensures that the website is easy to navigate on the mobile device and the content is visible without the person manually resizing it.

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