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Media Search Group emphasizes on local Search Engine Optimization (local SEO) services in India, optimizing a website for a specific city, region, or for the locations of physical stores and shops. The operators work with the goal to increase the search engine rankings for products and/or services that are relevant to client requirements.

We as an affordable local SEO services company in India can get your business on the google map. Our work will be directed to attract the local customers and we will make sure that your local customers find YOU, not your competition. We utilize proven strategies to submit and regularly update your business and geographic information so that your website is easily found on major search engines and online directories. Our white label local SEO plans and programs are so powerful that it helped hundreds of businesses achieve the highest possible position in the local map results. Our affordable local SEO marketing expertise and technological use will turn the internet into a direct connection to local buyers!

Best and Affordable Local SEO Services to Boost the Small Businesses

Local Market Analysis
Local Competitor Analysis
Local Keyword Research
On Page Optimization
Content Optimization
Strong Link Building
Guaranteed Map Listing
Local Business Listings
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What kind of an impact can local SEO services make to your business?

Customers are more likely to do searches with a city name for services in their areas or other particular locations. Google includes top local search results or map displays with locations that display by search relevancy. This brings the perfect opportunity for your company to display in the top local results.

Search engine optimization attempts to build up links and content that generate relevance in the search engines for specific keywords to your product or service. However, Local SEO focuses on keywords that are region specific and are capable of receiving hits from individuals around a specific area. This drastically increases the possibility of customer to stop by your store or location.

Local SEO becomes extremely relevant to what you do, mainly when the companies provide to a local audience with a location. The potential customers look for your products by optimizing the website to specific regions. The audience will be more likely to find your website or your address when doing a search in major search engines. It is possible to improve interest in your products and services by focusing specifically on areas or regions that your company serves.

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Media Search Group Will be Your Dedicated SEO Partner for all your Local SEO Needs

We are having many years of experience in local search engine optimization and we know very clearly what it takes to boost the rankings. As a local SEO company we can help your business drive up sales and build customer loyalty.

Our list of services include everything that you need:

  • Local Google Listings
  • Location Based Keyword Research
  • Optimization of Map Listings
  • Link Assessment
  • Competitive Research
  • Building Inbound Links
  • Increase Reviews and Ratings
  • Boosting Brand Awareness with the Use of Photos, Videos and Theme
  • Selection of Listing Categories
  • Fix Up Issues Like Duplicate Listings, Merged Listings, and Suspended Listings

Local business marketing will be part of the comprehensive digital marketing strategy and the traditional approach to SEO will be not enough. Marketing for local business require more geographical focused approach with new targeted strategies. Media Search Group will just be the effective and best local SEO company for promoting local business within the city or region.

Our Exclusive Local SEO Packages

Basic Standard Premium Ultimate
$99/Month $149/Month $199/Month $249/Month
10 Keywords 20 Keywords 30 Keywords 50 Keywords
Guaranteed Map Listing Guaranteed Map Listing Guaranteed Map Listing Guaranteed Map Listing
Local Business Listing Local Business Listing Local Business Listing Local Business Listing
Local Branding Local Branding Local Branding Local Branding
Local Market Analysis Local Market Analysis Local Market Analysis Local Market Analysis
Local Competitor Analysis Local Competitor Analysis Local Competitor Analysis Local Competitor Analysis
On Page SEO On Page SEO On Page SEO On Page SEO
Blogging Blogging Blogging Blogging
Social Media Social Media Social Media Social Media


Local SEO is a much more effective way to promote a local business online. It helps you market your business to local customers and get it found as the local customers search online. If your locals are main audiences or potential customers to your business, Local SEO is what you must invest in. Millions of customers use search engines to find the best local businesses for their needs. And so having an effective local SEO strategy seems inevitable if you want to get your business found in local search results.
Local SEO marketing is not a new thing but it is other-self of local SEO. But in local SEO marketing, the products or services are marketed to get the direct results. Whereas the local SEO is meant to promote your website ranking in local search results. Or we can say, local SEO is an inseparable part of local search marketing – local search marketing is a strategy to market a business locally, targeting the local people who are in the need of products or services offered by local businesses.
Any businesses operating locally and their target audiences are locals residing in the area where the business is or adjoining places. A number of tools and techniques like SEO are used to promote, get traffic and measure the results. But the focus of local SEO is on local audiences. Local listing is one of key tactics used to promote a brand in local search results. For those who are in local business with a local customer base, local SEO will be much better in terms of effectiveness than traditional SEO. So when you need local SEO, keep this in mind and hire an affordable SEO company for local SEO services.
A local business listing is something like a directory that stores your business name, address and phone numbers of along other details which help customers find your business online. Some prominent sites that provide local listings include Yelp, Foursquare and Yellow Pages where local businesses can create free local business listings. Local listings help boost the outcome of Local SEO effort. In addition, it has many benefits for small businesses such as:
  • It is cost effective
  • Helps you get reviews about your business
  • Desired SERP rankings as soon as possible
  • Does aid in your marketing effort to improve local search result ranking for your website
As local SEO is all about improving local organic search result ranking, it will help your business of dental practice to be found in the search result. The best Local SEO strategy is a blend of various kinds of advanced tools and tactics which help in delivering the best result. As a leading SEO marketing company with a track record of delivering the best results for a number of businesses in diverse fields across the world, we have a deep understanding of what and how to do in order to help your business to be found in the first page of natural local search result. We improve a website ranking in local listing of search engines.
A local citation is part of SEO and is meant to help users locate a business online. In the local citation, your business is listed online in any way - Either your company name, phone number, address, postal, zip code, or website address is used. This plays a vital role in improving local search results faster. A local citation can be anything. It can be:
  • Your company name
  • Phone number
  • Phone number and address of your company
  • Website address
  • Company name and website address
  • And many more…
Local SEO is all about helping a business to be found locally in search engines organic results. An effective local SEO strategy in sync with your business goals and services will work to bring you the desired result. All you need to do is hire an SEO company with expertise and experience in local SEO services.

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