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Our Best Local SEO Packages Pricing in India

Local SEO Package Basic Standard Premium Ultimate Deluxe
No. Of Keywords Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 30 Up to 50 Up to 100
Guaranteed Keywords in Top 5 10 15 25 100
Time Frame in Month 3 3 4 6 6
Price Per Month 99 USD 149 USD 199 USD 249 USD 349 USD
Reviews and Analysis
Local Market Analysis Right Right Right Right Right
Complete Website Analysis Right Right Right Right Right
Keywords Analysis Right Right Right Right Right
Competitor Analysis Right Right Right Right Right
On Page Optimization
Meta Tags Optimization Right Right Right Right Right
Header tags Optimization(H1, H2) Right Right Right Right Right
Anchor and Title Tags Optimization Right Right Right Right Right
Image and Hyperlink Optimization Right Right Right Right Right
Robots.txt Creation and Analysis Right Right Right Right Right
Html & XML sitemap creation and Analysis Right Right Right Right Right
Internal Linking Structuring Right Right Right Right Right
Navigation Analysis Right Right Right Right Right
Crawl Error Resolution Right Right Right Right Right
Website Speed and page load time Right Right Right Right Right
W3c Validation Check Right Right Right Right Right
Content Optimization Right Right Right Right Right
Google Webmaster Account Setup Right Right Right Right Right
Google Analytics Setup Wrong Right Right Right Right
OFF Page Optimization
Manual Search Engine Submission Wrong Right Right Right Right
Article writing(400+ Words) 1 2 3 4 5
Article Submission 1 2 3 4 5
Press Release Writing 1 2 2 3 3
Press Release Submission 2 4 4 6 6
Google Map & Business Listing 5 5 8 10 10
Local Directories & Classified Posting 2 3 4 6 8
Question And Answer Wrong Wrong 1 3 5
Blog Creation 2 2 3 4 6
Blog content writing (500+ words) 2 3 4 4 6
Blog Posting 2 3 4 4 6
Local Forum Posting Wrong Wrong 3 4 6
Guest Blogging Wrong 1 2 2 4
Rss Feed Submission Right Right Right Right Right
Images & Videos Optimizations (Image and Video Will be Provide by Client)
Image Optimization 3 5 5 8 10
Slide Sharing 2 4 4 6 6
Video Optimization 2 4 4 6 6
Video Promotion Up to 6 Up to 12 Up to 12 Up to 18 Up to 18
Social Media Optimization ( SMO)
Facebook Profile Creation & Promotion Right Right Right Right Right
Youtube Promotion, Boost Right Right Right Right Right
Instagram Profile Creation, Promotion, Boost Right Right Right Right Right
Brand Name Listing Right Right Right Right Right
Linked In Set Up, Promotion, Boost Right Right Right Right Right
Twitter Set Up & Promotion Right Right Right Right Right
Keywords Ranking Report Right Right Right Right Right
Traffic Report Right Right Right Right Right
Weekly Report Right Right Right Right Right
Monthly Report Right Right Right Right Right
Customer Support
Email Right Right Right Right Right
Telephone Right Right Right Right Right
Internet Messenger ( SKYPE, WhatsApp) Right Right Right Right Right

If you are dreaming to enhance your local search engine presence, we can help you realize your dream in true manner without having you to cross your budget line. Our Local SEO packages will help you avail top notch search engine optimization services at a affordable cost.

We offer the high-quality SEO expertise to each of our clients whether they are startups, well renowned or the global enterprises. The only difference in the services we offer is that we resize them as per the specific need and budget of our clients so that we may perfectly prove true to their expectations and provide them the optimal satisfaction they want.

Our Local SEO packages are effectively designed to improve local search rankings of the diverse kinds of businesses and increase their traffic and sales. Get started today with our best local SEO plans and see the difference yourself in your business growth.

We help local businesses in local areas like, doctors, cleaners, plumbers, restaurants and etc. so customers can easily find you and come to you for fully satisfaction before they avail your services.

Check out our different Local SEO Packages pricing and plans as mentioned above that suits your monthly budget. In case, you need, we also can provide you more customised local SEO plans.
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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a process through which a website is optimized and promoted according to latest search algorithms to ensure that it ranks on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Global SEO is a term that is used to signify all SEO activities that are not locally targeted, i.e. they are aimed at a wider audience located worldwide. It has nothing to do with the location of the searcher and is an independent activity. Whereas, Local SEO is focussed on providing results relevant to the searcher based on their physical location. Local SEO is used by businesses that are specialised in nature and only want to target the local customers, such as restaurants or service providers.
You must understand that there is no magic button that can be pressed, and your site starts ranking on the first page in SERP. The time taken to achieve the desired ranking on the SERP depends on a lot of factors such as competition in your niche, the efficiency of Local SEO process undertaken and the age of your website. If your website is old and has been operational for a few years, then you can expect to have a first-page ranking through our best Local SEO Packages in around 2-3 months when you pursue an aggressive SEO strategy. But if your website is new and you have just launched it, you shall consider a time frame of around 5-6 months before you achieve your desired rankings when you follow an active SEO strategy.
Media Search Group is a renowned name in the SEO industry, and we have helped thousands of our clients achieve their desired rankings across all major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Testimonials from our clients are a testament to our success. Our team members keep a close eye on latest updates launched by Google and Microsoft and accordingly incorporate changes in the SEO strategy to make sure that the desired rankings are achieved quickly. You can rest assured that your Local SEO is in safe hands with us and is being done according to latest algorithm updates. You can contact us to know more about our affordable Local SEO Packages.
It is imperative to understand the significance of Local SEO for you to get hold of its benefits. Local SEO is a targeted strategy which aims to improve your website’s ranking in the SERP when searched by the target customer location. For e.g., If you are a restaurant in East London and your target market is residents of that neighbourhood only, then your Local SEO would be targeted at residents of East London alone. At Media Search Group, we have a team of local SEO experts who will first understand your expectations from the SEO and would then develop a suitable strategy to help you achieve your desired rankings as soon as possible. We are a reputed name in the industry for our highly effective Local SEO Packages for worldwide customers.
We are working in the SEO industry for last many years and have been recognized by our clients for the dynamic range of services we provide through our Local SEO Packages from India. You can enjoy the following benefits when you choose Media Search group as your Local SEO partner: -
  • Customized Local SEO Packages from India
  • Weekly and Monthly Local SEO Reports
  • Desired SERP rankings as soon as possible
  • Lowest Local SEO Rates
  • Round the clock customer support
When you associate with us and subscribe to any of our affordable Local SEO packages, you can expect the highest level of commitment and dedication from our side. After I have achieved my desired ranking, shall I continue with your best Local SEO packages? Achieving the desired SERP ranking on Google or Bing is a dream come true for most website owners. It is the successful culmination of months of dedicated Local SEO efforts, but you must be beware that it is not that once you have achieved the desired ranking that you can discontinue your Local SEO package. You must remember the competition is fierce out there and there are hundreds if not thousands of businesses vying for the attention of customers in your niche. So, you must keep up with your Local SEO on a continuous basis to secure your first-page ranking. If you feel that you have some budget constraints, you can choose to lessen the intensity of the Local SEO package but must not abandon it altogether; it will cost you much more dearly.
Media Search Group is in the Local SEO business to be your long-term partner. We never keep you in the dark regarding the progress of the Local SEO campaign. We discuss your monthly Local SEO routine in details with you and incorporate changes if you need. Once you have finalized the Local SEO activities that we will be pursuing, we share weekly and monthly reports regarding the progress of your Local SEO. These reports contain details like Alexa Ranking, No. of backlinks, Google Ranking and other relevant details regarding your ongoing Local SEO campaign.
Being in the business for last many years we can assure you that there is no possible way to guarantee SEO results as we do not own the search engines. If any company is promising you instant rankings or guaranteed results through their affordable local SEO packages, they are probably misleading you. First page rankings depend on a number of factors such as level competition, the intensity of SEO activities etc. There is no guarantee, but persistent SEO efforts for 5-6 months are expected to give you the desired results. If you still do not get your desired results after 5-6 months, then there is a need to revamp your whole SEO strategy.
We are a full-service Local SEO agency offering all related services through our in-house team. We have a team of proficient content writers who are well versed with all the intricacies of Local SEO and prepare highly effective Local SEO content infused with keywords. We also have strategic agreements with various content writing agencies also if the content you require is specialised or technical in nature. If you want to prepare your own content, then you can do that as well. We will give you the list of content as required and then you can get it prepared and deliver to us. We will then post it accordingly. How much is the Local SEO going to cost me? Media Search Group offers a vast array of Local SEO services and packages, and you can choose the one which suits your requirements the best. To access more information regarding our affordable Local SEO Packages, contact us now.

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