Taylor Phan ’21

portrait of a student tour guide


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Home Town: Pasadena, California

How long have you been walking backwards, leading campus tours??

Since my second year of college at UC Davis!

Major: Psychology

Why did you choose UC Davis??

I did not know much about UC Davis when I first applied. After being admitted to Davis, I decided to visit campus during the freshman admitted student day. I found out how beautiful the campus is, despite the pouring rain that day. The people were so kind and apologetic for the rain even though it was not their fault. I felt such a supportive environment that I immediately SIR'd to Davis after I returned home. From then on, I have grown to love this campus with my entire heart, and I even became a tour guide to spread my admiration for it. I have met so many great individuals that I consider mentors and close friends.

What is your favorite thing about UC Davis?

The people! Everyone, no matter who they are, are so positive and supportive with others' future endeavors. Whoever you are, you are always supported. All of the people I have met, who I consider my friends, have impacted me by lifting me up and pushing me to do my best. After being here for three years, I have learned and grown so much as a person from individuals I have encountered, and I am forever indebted to them to help guide me through tough times and celebrate with me through the happy moments.

How did you find friends at UC Davis?

I met some friends in the residence halls my freshman year, some within the campus tour guide program and others in other organizations I am a part of! You definitely find commonalities with individuals in many different places, as students are involved in a vast array of clubs, jobs and more.

What is your favorite thing about Davis as a college town?

Being that we are a college town, most individuals in Davis are college students, meaning that most people you interact with are likely to understand what you are going through. For me, this helped me understand that I am not alone, and whenever I feel in doubt, I can turn to people near me.

What’s your best advice to someone who comes in as a new Aggie?

Be able to put yourself out there to meet new people! It sometimes can be difficult to go out of your comfort zone, but it is completely worth it. College is definitely a difficult time in the beginning, as it might be your first time living away from home, so it is important to create a foundation. You can do this by getting involved, joining different clubs and trying new things to meet new people. I feel strongly about this as I definitely struggled as a freshman student. But putting myself out there allowed me to make friends that I will honestly cherish beyond college.