Sergio Maravilla ’21

portrait of a student tour guide


Pronouns: he/him/his

Home Town: Modesto, California

How long have you been walking backwards, leading campus tours??

I was hired in the fall of 2017, so almost three years!

Majors: Anthropology, and Community and Regional Development

Why did you choose UC Davis??

I chose UC Davis because of the financial aid, location and the amount of opportunities that came with the university, both professional and social.

What is your favorite thing about UC Davis?

It’s the diversity in community, diversity in opportunity and the college town vibe.?

What was the most surprising thing you discovered?

That the buses are free for UC Davis undergraduates! You can even go all the way to Sacramento.

What is your favorite thing about the city of Davis?

I really love the Davis Greenbelt! Great place to go on walks and bike rides!

What’s been a challenge you’ve overcome at UC Davis?

I would have considered myself a very insecure person coming to college. But with a positive attitude and such a supportive and welcoming community, I was able to overcome.?

Give us your best advice for a new Aggie.?

Get involved on campus and reach out when you need help. The hardest part is making that first step for anything, but once you do, every step afterwards is easier and pays off immensely.