Grace Lankford ’21

portrait of a student tour guide


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Home Town: San Diego, California

How long have you been walking backwards, leading campus tours??

Two years

Major: Global Disease Biology

Minor: Public Health

Why did you choose UC Davis??

I felt really at home when I visited the campus (take our virtual tour if it’s not possible to visit in person). I felt I could see myself here for the next four years of my life—and potentially beyond.

What is your favorite thing about UC Davis?

My favorite thing about campus is how much nature surrounds it. There are trees, grass and plants everywhere. We even have our own Arboretum.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered?

The wild turkeys that roam Davis during fall every year. They're everywhere and they're not afraid of anything!

How did you settle in as a new student?

My freshman year I spent almost all of my time on my schoolwork and ended up feeling really isolated from my peers. After that, I spent a lot of time and energy getting involved on campus and growing my social circle, which made my college experience a lot better.

What has been your favorite class so far?

Disease and Society, which went through all the major diseases in human history and what techniques we have used to get rid of them. (Super relevant in 2020!)

What’s your best advice for all the potential new Aggies out there?

Get as involved as you possibly can! Having a good group of friends around you that you can lean on will make your experience so, so much better, wherever you are.